Intricate Concrete Foundations

Langston Industrial Team members have completed more than $100 million worth of industrial concrete construction projects including but not limited to:

  • Food Processing Plants
  • Oil Field - Heavy Manufacturing
  • Petro Chemical - Refinery
  • General Industrial
  • Water/Sewer Treatment Facilities
  • Forestry - Sawmill, Pulp & Paper

What we have to offer

The Langston Industrial Team specializes in providing full service civil concrete services that include building foundations, equipment foundations, precast walls, and paving, Through its affiliation with Langston Construction, Inc., LIG also offers commercial construction services for both new and renovation projects..


There is no project too large or too small for LIG. Our completed projects demonstrate our ability to tackle any size job, no matter the size or scope of the challenge.


Accuracy is a hallmark of LIG. We have successfully completed intricate concrete foundations with a tolerance of a tenth of an inch...and we get it right the first time.


The Langston Industrial Team has more than 40 years experience in delivering the most complex of commercial and industrial concrete projects. Unparalleled quality is a result of our breadth of experience in the concrete industry.